1. Jason’s workshops helped me get over the proverbial ‘hump’ as I tried to live out my dream. I met some amazing women in the workshops as well. This is a program that will always have my support because it gives you a safe place to blossom into your dreams. The topics that are discussed go way beyond the surface and taps into the real issues that one may face. You also are able to come up with solutions to your problems through conversation. When you leave, you have a renewed sense of purpose and a fresh outlook on your future.
    Angenita Williams
    Literary/ English Consultant
  2. Jason has a passion for empowering individuals to reach new heights! His thought provoking and powerful message is changing lives and communities. He has challenged my thinking and gave me a fresh new perspective on life! I highly recommend his services.
    Arlinda Linday
    Therapist/ Owner of Agape Empowerment Counseling Services, LLC
  3. Jason’s commitment for helping people find their purpose and living their life the way they were meant to live is his obvious passion. These programs give you all the tools that are necessary to live your life to it’s fullest potential. Whatever your current situation is in life there is a program that will be beneficial to you and your family. Don’t waste another minute wondering what your purpose is let Mr. Miller help you discover who you are meant to be.
    Mary Byrd
    JC Penny Fashion Blogger/ Image Consultant
  4. Words cannot express the impact that Jason has made on my life. If you have ever felt that your life seemed hopeless and all your dreams were too far away then I strongly recommend Jason’s program. I am sure that Mr. Miller cannot ONLY help you, but he will guide you in the right direction that is fitting to your circumstances and in no time your destiny will unfold!
    R. Suttice
  5. Jason Miller has always dedicated his life to helping others. He made major differences in the lives of children as a teacher and is a dedIcated professional. His books, workshops and programs are all committed to helping others succeed in life and to be aware of the obstacles that are present to possibly get in your way. Jason is a positive influence to any life that he touches. I so look forward to his continued success. Jason has been a major support to me through some difficult choices that I made. I respect his insight and judgement.
    Patricia Brooks
    Former Pike Township Principal
  6. Jason Miller has proved to be a mentor and inspiration for the young people that I work with weekly as he has shared his life and experiences to show that hard work and persistence pays off and for the older generation he is a source of inspiration to keep going and to never give up! I know that if you are to change a community for better it takes reaching one person at a time and Jason Miller is doing that!
    Emerson Allen
    Radio Personality/ Ben Davis High School Staff
  7. My son and I have been blessed to know and work with Jason as a mentor and counselor. Jason is a committed, positive and professional influence in our community and very passionate about helping others. My son does not open up easily, but has looked up to Jason since elementary school (now High School). He has sat down, talked and listened to what my son has to say and he sees Jason as an inspiration. As a mentor, Jason has always had my sons best interests at heart and with that we give him much respect. I have attended many of his workshops and Jason has also been an inspiration to me; at a challenging time in my life, he helped me to see things from a much better perspective. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to attend his workshops or get your son or daughter involved in one of his programs.
    Renee Amorez
    Independent Contractor/ Parent
  8. Jason Miller is really helping the young generation expand their awareness and actually challenging them to think outside the box. Jason has been mentoring me for the past couple of MONTHS and my whole way of thinking has changed. Now I’m challenging all my friends to get to one of his workshops because its life changing.
    Sylvester Dunn
    VIP Personal Trainer
  9. Empowerment, Confidence, Resurrection is what a person will experience if they choose to connect to the Impact Phase Program or any workshop Jason makes available. Jason holds the most profound, mind challenging, uplifting, life altering, and purpose driven workshops. I strongly, support the dedication, passion and sacrifice that Jason Miller exhibits. Truly, he is a good example to many by already leaving a legacy of “Faith without works is dead.”
    Cameron Jameson
    Film Director/ Executive Producer
  10. AWESOME! That’s the best way to describe Jason Miller and his message and mission to empower women! He is on point when it comes to identifying the challenges that women face in relationships and has a “Divine Intuition” in resolving people’s problems. He is a great consultant, advisor and inspirer! Jason Miller rocks!
    Kelly Vauhm
    Television/ Radio Personality WHMB TV40
  11. Jason Miller is an amazing public speaker, mentor, youth advocate, and civil servant. His passion to help individuals through counseling, and mentoring is seen through his clients' success. I have watched his rise and rapid growth in the empowerment industry. Miller is definitely an entrepreneur to watch for.
    Liz Dixson
    Former Radio Personality/ PR Consultant
  12. One of the greatest assets Jason possesses is his belief & understanding of what life means. We've had many conversations on this topic, and if we could get just one third of the population to realize they are on this planet for a reason, I believe it would reduce violence, eliminate toxic minds & attitudes and give people hope which, in turn, would build stronger communities and a stronger nation. Jason is strongly committed to this cause and I stand behind every project he's involved in. Jason is on a mission, and I think we should all align ourselves with one of the Community's greatest most well-loved leaders, and that's Jason Miller!
    ~ Cathy Holloway Hill
    Author, Talk Show Host & Professional Speaker
  13. Everything was Divine sent! From the moment I met you and the energy you were surrounded by I instantly got reminded of my unique gift. It felt so much like I was walking into the x-men training class and I was the underdog that was unknown to her power, but being that I was around great energy it was purposeful for me to join that experience. Some teachers are only here for a short amount of time until the mission is received. The first time we had a one-on-one, you showed me how to create reality easily by just simply focusing on it and building energy around it. After that meeting a few days later I received a phone call to depart to New York. And why this was so momentum was because that was the basis of the conversation and it appeared in reality! Your book has a certain energy around it that's so intense. I've had so many vivid dreams of purpose after reading a chapter from your book. It's so BANANAS to have a golden nugget in my collection that I will cherish forever. I would love to go into the dream though I've already wrote so much but just for short notice I seen a perfected, divine face of mine on an Egyptian wall and the words I heard before I woke up was "He will be proud of you" and the doors shut. Though in this scenario the doors will not shut because you guided me to open so many doors and many more to come. I appreciate your soul and generous heart! All love and light god, -Staja "Leatta Lab"
    Staja Leatta
  14. Jason Miller has helped me open my mind to see that I have unlimited potential into being successful. His drive for helping people is like no other. This program can be BENEFICIAL to anyone looking to better THEIR life.
    Jamail Baldwin
    United States Armed Services
  15. Peace, I am so grateful to know and understand the magic of the universe. Because of my commitment to metaphysical science I have called many great spirits into my life, one of them being our dear Brotha Jason Miller. His ability to connect the dots necessary to elevate the mind is not something that can be taught, this is a natural ancestral gift that is nothing less than amazing. Our Brotha awakens, enlightens and creates an amazing spark needed to grow the spirit. He is committed to giving and sharing this knowledge and is such an inspiration to me as well as the community. Jason Miller is determined to raise the universal vibration for the betterment of his community, his people, and humanity. I give thanks that the universe has connected he and I as brother/ sister, colleagues, teachers, and friends. His perspective is needed in this world and I encourage you to reach out to Jason and build to be better.
    Benevolent Love (aka Adrienne Barber)
    Benevolent Love (aka Adrienne Barber) Mind and Spirit: Life Coach and Healer
  16. Jason Miller is this generations' game-changer! This guy is on the cutting edge of creating healthy living methodologies that work in todays' complex living environment. Jason has zeroed in on what works and doesn’t waste time with yesterdays failed solutions. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a variety of projects. I am always impressed and humbled by his presentation. Jason Miller comes with my highest recommendation in whatever he decides is important!
    Geoffrey A. Gaither
    Magistrate: Juvenile Division Marion County Superior Court
  17. I personally know Jason Miller & his passion for building others to be sincere. T.I.P.P. is a program that is needed in times like these. The positive effects that it has on our community are without bounds.
    Iren Golder
    Successful Business owner & Entrepreneur
  18. When I first met Jason Miller at a corporate event, here in INDY, I'd just moved back to Indianapolis, after living in Dallas, Texas for over Thirty-five years. Having experience working within the Dallas Corporate Environment, working with Large Law Firms and being a Small Business owner for over Twenty-Five years, it was obvious in conversing with Jason he had the heart of an Entrepreneur. Jason's Persona and Spiritual energy illuminated his Vision. Looking back on that first meeting to where he's evolved today, I'd say Jason Miller is his own "living business card", he is everything he holds himself out to be and has accomplished in the both the Public and Business arenas. Jason's Vision and proven successful endeavors highlight the opportunities available with this latest venture, T.I.P.P. I've viewed the website am excited about the possibilities and have already considered how a Business Project with Jason Miller/T.I.P.P., will bring my 2016 goals to fruition. Success is possible with a winning team and Jason Miller is presenting that opportunity with T.I.P.P.
    Sabae Martin
    Executive Board Member NAACP/ Certified Paralegal/ Business Owner
  19. Before I met Jason Miller I had recently quit school and started to pursue my goal to become a renowned freelance artist. I had absolutely no money but I managed to get by selling a few of my paintings or designing a logo here and there, but eventually I needed a job to provide the income necessary to afford living space, studio space, transportation and the materials to create all the thought provoking pieces I wanted. I ended up working at a gas station and I hated every minute, but I knew if I stuck with it I would eventually get closer to living my dream. I spoke to Jason at least once a week and for the first time I was hearing from someone older and more experienced who told me it was possible to live my dream and reach my goal faster. Jason provided not only great advice but the actual connections to take my career to the next level (and after one phone call he put me in touch with Kevin West). Kevin West is a major mega star artist in Indianapolis and happens to be a great mentor and friend. Since I’ve been working with Kevin he has given me excellent advice on my career and I’ve also had the privilege to watch how he develops his career further as an artist and a CEO of his own company. Thanks to people like Jason and Kevin I am now currently putting together multiple art events of my own (as well as having the time and the motivation to create ground breaking masterpieces for my generation of creative minds). I want to say thanks Jason and I’m excited to see what the future holds. A.K.A[ I.L] [Illus Medias Maximus the 1st] )
    Jamahl Crouch
    Freelance Artist
  20. When I first met Jason Miller, I felt I had just met someone long term. It felt like a brand new evening to me, because when I left that night at my first social experience with Jason, I wanted to TAKE off in life. Jason brought an energy out of me that I thought was collecting up dust in the attic- he saw who I was, who I wanted to be, and where I wanted to take myself by just connecting in a short period of time. From there out, I continued to carry a deep interest for Jason's insight. I wanted everyone special to me, to be able to experience what I gained! A life coach to me yes, but I know I'm speaking to a great friend first!! Jason is an amazing leader, especially to the younger generation. TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO JASON. I highly recommend that!
    Rod Hauser
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